About Røst Bryggehotell

At the very end of the ocean gorge, 100 kilometers west of Bodø, you will find Røst.


With Værøy and the Lofoten wall as neighbours in the north, Røst is in a small world for itself. It’s far to the nearest “neighbour”, but maybe that’s why we call this a paradise on earth.

Røst has a flat landscape where the highest point only stretches 11 meters above sea level. In the southwest you will find the tall, steep mountains as pearls in a string towards Skomvær lighthouse. There you will find one of Norway’s largest populations of seabirds, with approximately 1,5 million individuals.

On Røst, people have lived for over a thousand years, and the island community has long traditions in catch and fishing. Røst is famous for its dried fish and stockfish trade with the Italian market.

Today, Røst is a modernized coastal fishing community, with enormous value creation. A mild and airy climate also provides the very best prerequisites for the production of dried fish.

If you come to Røst, there are several things you can experience throughout the year, such as the old trading post Brygga, church ruins, the church of Røst, fishing tour, pulling the largest cod in the famous Røst-sea, the sculpture landscape Nordland_ “Il Nido” (the nest) on Vedøya, visit at Skomvær lighthouse or the annual Lundefestival (the puffin festival) in june.

Røst Bryggehotell

Røst Bryggehotell is idyllically located right on the edge of the dock in “Kårøysundet”, with sea and mountains as the closets neighbours. The hotel is located on the part of the island where the fish production takes place and you do not have to go many steps before you are in the middle of the production of the precious fish.

The hotel was new in 2000 and has now 16 double rooms with enough space for an extra bed. We also have 2 cabins (rorbu), as well as 4 annexes with self-catering (these with hotel standards). There is also free wireless internet both at the hotel and at the cabins/annexes.

The conference room has all the necessary audio-visual equipment, accommodating up to 40 people.

The restaurant seats about 60 people and has a cosy maritime environment. At Røst Bryggehotell, we spend a lot of time making good Norwegian homemade food, where the freshest raw materials from the ocean are the main ingredients of our delicious fish dishes, and other quality raw materials from our suppliers to ensure a successful dining experience.

The hotel also has its own bar with all rights.

Røst Bryggehotell was opened in 2000.

Irene Johansen is the director and owner, together with the sons Tore Ivar Johansen and Geir Børre Johansen. The family also operates the fish farm Røst Sjømat AS, which produces fresh fish, salted fish, dried fish and other products of fish.

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